Where Do Your Candidates Stand

Yesterday we asked Montana’s sitting elected officials and candidates to take a stand with Montana citizens.

We asked them two simple questions: (1) Will you vote in favor of I-166, and (2) Will you follow the instructions from voters if I-166 passes this November?

Thomas Jefferson once said that “an informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.” That’s why we’ve asked all Montana federal and statewide candidates (except judges) where they stand on I-166.

How will your elected representatives and candidates respond?

Where do they stand on corporate influence and Big Money in our elections?

We believe Montanans deserve to know where candidates stand before casting their ballots in November. Ultimately the people we elect will be the ones responsible for correcting the destructive U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Montana’s 100-year-old Corrupt Practices Act. They will be the ones responsible for stopping Big Money from buying our elections. 

We cannot win the reforms we need unless elected office holders stand up for fair elections.

You can help make this vital survey a success. Contact elected officials and candidates and tell them to make their views on I-166 public by completing the survey.

From today on, ask each candidate where they stand.  And when you find out please tell us and all Montanans who is on board in the fight for fair elections.

At community forums, speeches and rallies speak up and ask the same questions that are in the survey. Or make sure the event organizers include these questions in programming.

I-166 is a citizens’ initiative about the power of individual voters like you standing up to Big Money and corporate influence in Montana elections. But it’s ultimately about all Montanans – including those we elect into office – doing everything in their power to stop corporations from buying our elections. We need to know where our candidates stand before we cast our votes. We deserve elected officials who will follow voter instructions to clean up Montana elections.

It is time to get busy…start by asking your candidates where they stand.

Thanks for your support!


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commented 2012-10-21 13:59:15 -0600 · Flag
I found the answer to my question about this organization being left wing or not with regards to having the same attitude towards unions as corporate donations. One of the video clips on your site is a speaker from Democracy Now, basically a Communist/Socialist group who wants as much power as they can get through union collective political work while shutting out corporate donations. We are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. Political philosophists throughout history have denounced democracy as a lousy way to run a society and political system. I was right about your group.
commented 2012-10-21 13:23:22 -0600 · Flag
I disagree, will your organization help dismantle the Labor and Public Union political machine as well? The use of union dues, taxpayer money, and paid union employee time to promote one highly socialist big government agenda for one party is as, or more destructive to each individual’s vote than corporate donations. Will your organization give equal time and effort to both these problems? I already have formed my opinion about what I think of your agenda but I could be proved wrong. I think anyone and any group should be able to throw as much money away as they want on a political message and it is up to the voters to be knowlegable enough about the issues to make a choice on whose message they agree with and vote accordingly.
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