Response to Decision on Corrupt Practices Act

On June 25, the U.S. Supreme Court doubled down on its Citizens United decision, throwing out Montana's Corrupt Practices Act without even hearing the evidence in the case. The decision is a major blow to democracy. For nearly one hundred years, our Corrupt Practices Act has served Montana well, creating a system of clean and fair elections. But with the recent decision, big money trumped the people of Montana.


June 25, 2012

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Slim Majority of US Supreme Court Chooses Corruption Over Fair Elections
Montana Initiative 166 Passage Even More Important

Remarks from C.B. Pearson, Campaign Treasurer, Initiative I-I66 on the decision
this morning on Montana Corrupt Practices Act, that bans corporate contributions
from Montana elections.

“Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court chose corruption over fair elections today,
ignoring Montana facts and history with its 1912 Corrupt Practices Act.

It is a good bet that Montana elections will no longer be for Montanans and fair, but
instead will be funded by outside groups who do not care about our history and our

By this action, the Court chose to double down on its disastrous Citizens United decision,
refusing to even a consider a Montana court's finding that the state can ban corporate
political spending because of the corruption that inevitably follows it.

Montanans aren't the sort of people who sit still for this kind of outrage, even when it
comes from our nation's highest court.

Montanans know that corporations aren’t people. They do not breathe, they do not have
children, they do not die fighting in wars for our country, and they do not vote in our

This November, Montana voters will have the chance to clarify that corporations are not
people, that money is not speech, and once again act to get big money out of our elections
by voting for I-166. The people of Montana need to speak on this important issue and tell
all of our elected representatives to honor the wishes of Montanans to have fair elections.

All of Montana elected leaders need to stand together to defend our fair elections process
and to fight for our right to have elections that are of, by, and for the people.

We hope this offensive Court's ruling is a flash point for a national prairie fire to overturn
Citizens United and affirm that in America, "we the people," not "we the corporations,"
are in charge.

We ask that all of Montana join with us to fight for fair elections.”

More information is available at, on Facebook at, on Twitter, @STANDwMONTANANS, and
by calling (406) 356-NOV6 (6686).

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