Small Business Owners FOR I-166

Main Street business owners know the Citizens United decision is bad for small businesses. In a recent poll, 66% of small business owners said unlimited corporate money in elections is bad for small businesses, while just 9% said it is good.

Political campaign spending by large corporations not only corrupts our democracy, it also results in policies that favor large corporations, stacking the deck against small businesses. Support I-166, because we need to get corporate money out of our elections and restore government of, by, and for the people.

I-166 Is Endorsed By:


Steve Charter (Two Lazy Two Ranch, Inc.)
Richard Parks (Parks’ Fly Shop)
Peter and Nancy Mickelsen (DBA Spear T Ranch)
Molly Galusha (The Buttercup Market and Café)
Joni Harman (Swift Building Lofts)
Jeanie Alderson (Omega Beef Inc.)
Cathy Dombrovske (Mud Maiden Pots & Things)
John Fryer (Sax + Fryer Co.)
Jimmy Thornbury (J + J Sandwich Shop) 
Diego Rivas (Play On Soccer)
Sarah Cook (Pisqueak)
Greg Campbell (Capital FRET)
Carole Morrissey (Big Sky Locksmithing)
Monte Hauer (The Chocolate Moose)
Jim Brown (Old Man Gallery + Framing)
Dave Williams (Williams Gallery)
Jeanne Arnold (Silver Annie’s)
Gordy Ann Ricci (Thimbelina’s Quilt Shop)
Val Emmerson (Broken Anvil Ranch)
Jon Farnam (Bozeman Hardwood and Tile)
Burt Hamner (Peak IS LLC)
Dale Sexton (Timber Trails)
Christopher Njaa (The Livingston Kite Company)
Tom Hogg (Tom’s Jewelers)
Andrea Peacock (Elk River Books)
Tony DiFronzo (Wine Cellar & Photo)
Debra Pierce (Old Butte Historical Adventures)
Marshall Gaddis (Len Waters Music Center)
Barb Strohl (Jail House Coffee)
Mark Reavis (Uptown Works)
James Doola (The Hummingbird Cafe)
Holly Dulman (Hilltop Market Place)
Sharon Westrom (Gotcherstuff)
Donna White (Whitehead’s Cutlery)
Ariana Paliobagis (Country Bookshelf)
Christie Hansen (Nights Delight Beds &Furniture)
Gregg McMan (Get N’ Green)
Kevin Wiesner (Ph. D. Skis)
Kerri Olson (Pickle Barrel)
Steve Pringle (Dari Rasa Trunk Show)
Terri Sullivan (Downtown Antiques)
Jennifer Bullins (Simply Sweet Bakery)
Kara Herman (Juice Republic & Montana Harvest)
Mitch Bradley (Heeb’s East Main Grocery)
Chris Teggeman (Jack and Jill’s Boutique)
Tessa Long (Hattie Rex)
Todd Rivers (RDI Toons)
Lonnie Morgan (The Leather Store)
Amy Birret-Gilleran (Lasso the Moon Toys)
Richard Burke (The Book Shelf)
Ron Gompertz (Wild Joe’s Coffee House)
Michelle Gentry (Machallie G’s & The Boot Boutique)
Renee Kowalski (Park Avenue Bakery)
Laughing Water (Real Food Store)
Bethany Flint (Blackfoot River Brewing Co, LLC)
Don Scharfe (Rocky Mountain Outfitters)
Todd (High End Systems)
Dan Payne (Payne Enterprises of Great Falls)
Jonathan Scott (Middleton Book Conversion)
K.G.H. Nicholes (Concise Logic)
Scott Laisy (Butterfly Herbs)
Aimee McQuilkin (Betty’s Devine)
Martha Morgan (PaperWork for You)
Rhonda Davis (Yellowstone Photo)
Russell Parks (The Missoulian Angler)
John Baker (Circle Square Second Hand Store)
Garth Whitson (Shakespear & Co. Booksellers)
Alaina Lammer Knight (Licensed Clinical Professional, Alaina Lammer Knight LCPC)
Patty Corbett (The Art Hang Up)
Donovan Peterson (Upcycled)
Sabrina Smith (Green Light Apparel and Home)
Steve Luedecke (Summer Sun Garden and Brew)
Alexandria Cassero (Weyaka’s Boutique)
Robert Winstrom (Kootenai River Outfitters)
Timothy Border (Silvertip Property Management)
Naomi Maney (Feathering Your Nest)
Barbara French (The Yarn Shop, LLC)
Chet Leach (Rhythym Drums at the Emerson Cultural Center)
Ashley Stevick (Ashley Stevick Photography)
Deirdre Quinn (Indulgence Inc.)
Margaret Corcoran (Benny’s Bistro)
Iris Model (Indian Uprising Gallery)
Amy Kirkland (Altitude Gallery)
Tim Christiansen (Vino Per Tutti)
Brett Cline (Zebra Cocktail Lounge)
Kent Means (MMW Architects)
C. B. Pearson (M+R Strategic Services)
Christopher Burke (Morning Glory Coffee & Tea, Inc.)
Jeff Milchen (Co-founder, American Independant Business Alliance)
Amanda Hollow (Montana Small Business Alliance)
95 endorsements

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