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Support the Montana Disclose Act

Every election cycle – even in small, local races – Montana voters are inundated with phone calls, ads and mailers that attack some candidates and support others. These groups have positive-sounding names, but who are they? Where are these groups based? Where do they get their money? Are they funded by Montanans or out-of-state interests? What are they trying to achieve?

No one knows because these groups are not required to disclose this information. As a result, our political process gets hijacked by wealthy, (sometimes out-of-state) groups with a lot of money.

The Montana Disclose Act is supported by:


GOAL: 1,000 signatures

You can help shine a light on dark money by supporting the Montana Disclose Act (SB 289) to:

  • Update Montana’s campaign law to provide voters with more information on dark money political groups,
  • Require virtually any group that spends money to support or oppose a candidate or ballot issue to disclose its donors and campaign expenditures, and
  • Require that legislative and district candidates file campaign finance reports electronically.

Time is running out - the Montana Legislature is considering SB 289 and will be taking action in the coming days.

Sign the petition supporting the Montana Disclose Act today!

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Calling for Change

Thank you for standing with Montanans in this historic fight against the BIG money takeover of our elections. With your help, we can restore government of, by, and for the people.

Sign up for virtual phonebanking

We are relying on volunteers like you to help get our message out, thorugh one-on-one conversations with Montana voters about I-166.

Please, sign up for a shift of calling this week by letting us know how many hours your can commit to. We will follow up with you by email, giving you access to a list and providing you with a script and instructions for making your calls.

Please understand that it may take us about one business day to assign you a list and get it back to you by email.

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Join Stand with Montanans

Join Stand with Montanans to get involved in the campaign. We are building a team of supporters to attend events, volunteer with the campaign, and help spread the word about this important effort. Only together will we, the people of Montana, succeed in pushing back against the tidal wave of big money in politics.

Please include your full address in the address field below and use commas to separate the street, city, state, and postal code.