Corporations Are Not People

Montana was ahead of the game in big money buying elections and had a 100 year old law against corporations donating huge amounts to essentially buy elections.  Citizens United used big money to get this law overturned.  We need to take our State and elections back!

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Calling for Change

Thank you for standing with Montanans in this historic fight against the BIG money takeover of our elections. With your help, we can restore government of, by, and for the people.

Sign up for virtual phonebanking

We are relying on volunteers like you to help get our message out, thorugh one-on-one conversations with Montana voters about I-166.

Please, sign up for a shift of calling this week by letting us know how many hours your can commit to. We will follow up with you by email, giving you access to a list and providing you with a script and instructions for making your calls.

Please understand that it may take us about one business day to assign you a list and get it back to you by email.

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Become a Volunteer

The Stand with Montanans campaign is about the people reclaiming our democracy. It's about restoring a government of, by, and for the people. With the support of people like you, we can turn back the tide of big money in politics.

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