"When Pigs Fly" - Some Politicians Don't Get It.

Clearly, some politicians don’t get it. 

We want our elections back and we are not going sit back and let some politicians, who don’t support fair elections and are comfortable with a corrupt election system, stand in our way.

That is why we need your help.

I want to share with you a letter to the editor that appeared in today’s Helena Independent Record, and ask you to help with a response. The letter is from Sen. Dave Lewis, who is party to the lawsuit that would deny Montanans a chance to vote on I-166.

Basically, Sen. Lewis says our effort to get corporate money out of our elections and restore government of, by, and for the people “will be approved when pigs fly.” You can read his full letter below. But, frankly, I think his letter insults the work that we have done together to get I-166 to this point.

What if those who opposed slavery did not fight for a constitutional amendment? And would Sen. Lewis have said the same thing to those who advocated for the 18-year-old vote, and even women’s right to vote?

No one said this would be easy, but the movement to end business as usual – where corporations and the wealthy buy our elections – has to start with us. That is exactly what we are doing with this citizens’ rebellion.

We are raising the profile of this issue and leading a national charge to take back our democracy. Because of what we have done thus far, and with the coming vote on November 6, all eyes are on Montana. And when we win in November, it will be a huge step toward passing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to fix the mess created by an out of touch U.S. Supreme Court.

If you are from the Helena area, please respond to Sen. Lewis’ cynical letter by submitting your own letter to the editor. Letters to other papers are important too, so all you supporters from Miles City to Kalispell are encouraged to submit a letter to your own local paper.

Perhaps Sen. Lewis is simply afraid the legislature won’t be willing to follow the clear instructions Montana voters will give them when we pass I-166. Perhaps he actually thinks that corporations are people and that money is speech. Or maybe he just thinks we shouldn’t bother to take back our democracy.

No matter what his reasons are, he’s simply wrong.

Here is his letter.

It takes a two-thirds vote of Congress and approval of three-quarters of the states to amend our federal constitution. The supporters of Initiative 166 want the constitution amended and want our congressional delegation to propose this. 

It is something that will be approved when pigs fly. What is the point of putting it on the ballot in Montana? A waste of time and effort.

The other part of I-166 calls on the Montana Legislature to ignore the United States Supreme Court. Another stroke of genius. While we are at it, we could ask Congress to give every child in the country a pony. A measure with an equal chance of success.

I-166 accomplishes nothing. That is why I oppose it.

Sen. Dave Lewis, Helena

Please help with a response.

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commented 2012-10-21 14:00:27 -0600 · Flag
I found the answer to my question about this organization being left wing or not with regards to having the same attitude towards unions as corporate donations. One of the video clips on your site is a speaker from Democracy Now, basically a Communist/Socialist group who wants as much power as they can get through union collective political work while shutting out corporate donations. We are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. Political philosophists throughout history have denounced democracy as a lousy way to run a society and political system. I was right about your group.
commented 2012-10-21 13:24:05 -0600 · Flag
I disagree, will your organization help dismantle the Labor and Public Union political machine as well? The use of union dues, taxpayer money, and paid union employee time to promote one highly socialist big government agenda for one party is as, or more destructive to each individual’s vote than corporate donations. Will your organization give equal time and effort to both these problems? I already have formed my opinion about what I think of your agenda but I could be proved wrong. I think anyone and any group should be able to throw as much money away as they want on a political message and it is up to the voters to be knowlegable enough about the issues to make a choice on whose message they agree with and vote accordingly.
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