December 04, 2012
Contact: C.B. Pearson

Montana Voters Call for Constitutional Amendment


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Montana Voters Call for Constitutional Amendment Clarifying that Corporations Are Not People and Money is Not Speech

Stand with Montanans asks Congressional delegation to work together on an amendment that honors the will of Montana voters expressed through I-166 

HELENA — Stand with Montanans Treasurer C.B. Pearson sent a letter to Montana’s Congressional delegation today, asking for Senator Baucus, Senator Tester, and Congressman-Elect Daines to support and work to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that honors the will of Montana voters expressed through I-166.

“Fair elections are not a partisan issue, as proven by the overwhelming support from voters,” reads the letter signed by Pearson. “Montanans of all stripes – independents, Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats - want fair elections, free of the corrupting influence of big money and campaign money from corporations.”

On Election Day, Montana voters strongly endorsed I-166, the Prohibition on Corporate Contributions and Expenditures in Montana Elections Act, by a three-to-one margin. The measure also received majority support from the voters in each of Montana’s 56 counties.

With the I-166 vote, 75% of Montana’s voters called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution clarifying that:

  • The rights under the United States Constitution are the rights of human beings, not corporations; that
  • Money is property, not speech; and that 
  • There should be a level playing field in campaign spending that allows all individuals, regardless of wealth, to express their views to one another and their government.

“This task is not a small one, but it is essential to the survival of our democracy,” concludes the letter signed by Pearson. “Eleven states have now officially voiced support for such an amendment. On November 6, Montana and Colorado became the first two states to do so by a direct vote of the people. So while this task is great, the people are behind you.”

Supporters of I-166 believe that the strong passage of the measure in Montana will have a ripple effect throughout the country, and will ultimately lead to the overturning of the Citizens United decision. Today’s letters call for Montana’s Congressional delegation to provide leadership in Congress to achieve this goal.

More information is available at, on Facebook at, on Twitter, @STANDwMONTANANS, and by calling (406) 356-NOV6 (6686).

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